Zau Sauce

Zau Sauce Double Pack


Zau brings the flavor and fire of a German Curry Ketchup to the States and
twists it up with a bit of California flare. Its unique flavor goes well with just
about anything, so we invite you to experiment and try it with your favorite foods.
But we warn you: Once you find a combination you like, you may never see your
favorite foods the same!

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Bill Orr
Great Addition to Breakfast

Tried for the first time on my omelet this morning - great upgrade! This will be a permanent fixture to our breakfast table.

Patricia Griffin Satre
Amazing with garlic Parmesan fries!

Absolutely love this sauce! Shared with many friends. You got this recipe just right!

Philip Snelling

Our order took sometime to ship ....once we queried where order was we then got a reply as to shipment date.

Beth Simpson
Tastes good on everything!

I love this sauce! I've eaten it on my eggs, french fries, chicken, and meatloaf so far. I might even admit to just licking it off my finger it's so good!

Kaitlin M
Love the taste!

The flavor of this sauce is great! It's so yummy and I love to put it on everything! Mixing with mayo is great too! I subtracted a star because of the ingredients, not a huge fan of the high fructose corn syrup and would love to see a little more natural ingredients used but the taste is amazing.