Zau Sauce

Our Saucy Story

Zau (pronounced ‘zow’) emerged from a homemade recipe passed on to our founder and master sauce slinger Tim. Born in the streets of Berlin this German inspired condiment was the ultimate flavor companion to every local dish. Our journey continued through the UK to the US, where we eventually landed in sunny Santa Cruz, California.

We’ve taken great care in crafting our curry ketchup, incorporating flavors from all over the world to tantalize your taste buds and invigorate your senses. Its flavor profile is unique to everyone, so there’s no wrong way to use it! Try it anywhere and on anything, and see what flavors you discover.

Happy Saucin’ ~ Zau Fam

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Zau brings the flavor and fire of a German Curry Ketchup to the States and twists it up with a bit of California flare. Its unique flavor goes well with just about anything, so we invite you to experiment and try it with your favorite foods. But we warn you: Once you find a combination you like, you may never see your favorite foods the same!

See What Our Sauce Fam is Saying.

Love at first bite. Eggs will never be the same.

– Jane

This has single handedly changed my condiment game. Heinz is on notice!

– John